I have been back in Austin for almost three years now after a 20-year absence, first in Sacramento, California, then in New York City, where I spent the last 16 years. I miss The City and the friends I left in both places, but love, love, love being back in Austin with my family. Thanks, Steve for coming with me!

Yankees spring training, George Steinbrenner Field, Tampa, Florida, March 2011.

Active Austinites

We watch a lot of baseball, my 11-year-old niece taught me to swim and I’m training for my second year  in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS. I rode 29 miles last spring and want to do 50 this time around.

But most of all, I get to play with grandkids! My three girls—Madison, 7; Serina, 5; and Addyson, 2—along with my niece Trinity, go to University Presbyterian Church together on Sundays (the girls sing in the choir). We plan our family vacations together, and, along with sister Lori, run a small online book selling business to pay for it all. And I write—to pay for whatever Steve’s retirement doesn’t!


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