Build it Now!

A tent with information about building State Highway 45 between Loop 1 and RR1626 is actually part of Gerald Daugherty’s campaign for Travis County Commissioner.

Today’s bike ride took me to a roadside attraction across from Bowie High School on Slaughter, complete with Burma Shave-type signage. “Traffic’s a Mess, You Drive Each Day, Stop & Learn How, To Keep it at Bay.”

I pulled into the tent, manned by two volunteers and a candidate for Travis County Commissioner. I must say, I was disappointed to learn this was not just about building SH 45 from Loop 1 to RR 1626. It was about electing Gerald Daugherty to the Precinct 3 County Commission seat. Daugherty is the Republican candidate running against Democratic incumbent Karen Huber, who, one volunteer informed me, was for SH 45 before she was agin it.

Burma Shave Signs

Burma Shave-like signs catch the attentions of drivers on Slaughter Lane in front of Bowie High School.

As someone who has to make a left-hand turn onto Brodie Lane south of Slaughter each morning to take my niece to Bailey Middle School, I am all for SH 45. It would take a lot of pressure off the main artery through my neighborhood AND IH 35, which is a nightmare most times of the day.

Mr. Daugherty was in an intense conversation with two gentlemen, and I did not feel like interrupting them, so I came home, looked him up online and sent in a question by email:

I am a firm believer in SH 45, but cannot bring myself to vote on just that one issue. Other issues are important to me. I am specifically concerned about the closing of women’s health care clinics state-wide because of the actions of the conservative legislature and Gov. Rick Perry.

Will Mr. Daugherty back efforts to keep quality women’s health care available to low income families? Will he vote to fund health care for county residents? 

I would like to commend Mr. Daugherty for his fight against toll roads in Travis County. I think they are an abomination!

I’ll let you know his response when I get it!

© Suzanne Freeman 2012

About Suzanne Freeman

I have been back in Austin for two years now after a 20-year absence, first in Sacramento, California, then to New York City, where I spent the last 16 years. I miss The City and the friends I left in both places, but love, love, love being back in Austin with my family. Thanks, Steve for coming with me!
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