DONE: Hill Country Ride for AIDS 2012

I rode for Walt, a 54-year-old man living with AIDS in Central Texas. His name was strapped to my bike so I could see it as I peddled along 29-miles of country roads around the Reunion Ranch in Georgetown. More than 1,000 riders joined me, riding routes from 13- to 100-miles long. We raised more than $500,000, all of which will be spent on AIDS patients in Central Texas—the name of each of those patients tied to a bike.

The Finish Line!

The Finish Line, gold medal and all.

The ride was amazing. I stopped only for pictures and didn’t have to walk a single hill. The highlight was definitely the finish line, especially when I found friends Helen and Simone there, blowing whistles and snapping pictures. Helen brought champagne and strawberries to celebrate. We also had cheese, bread, smoked salmon and hummus. A fitting feast for a spring feat.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me by helping with the grandkids while I went on training rides, sponsoring me with your contributions to the Hill Country Ride for AIDS and just boosting my confidence by voicing your belief in my ability to actually do it! I wasn’t so sure when I started this some 7 weeks ago.

I’m not going to stop riding either, although you won’t hear about it every time I’m on the bike—only when I peddle someplace interesting.

If you still want to give to the cause, it’s not too late. CLICK HERE to go to my personal page, then click on the red “Support Suzanne” bar on the right hand side of the page. And THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

© Suzanne Freeman 2012


About Suzanne Freeman

I have been back in Austin for two years now after a 20-year absence, first in Sacramento, California, then to New York City, where I spent the last 16 years. I miss The City and the friends I left in both places, but love, love, love being back in Austin with my family. Thanks, Steve for coming with me!
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