Mount Everest on My Bike

Wildflowers on the Veloway

Wildflowers on the Veloway now that bluebonnets are gone.

I found a much more interesting route to the Veloway from home today. I take Slaughter to Beckett, turn right on Beckett to whatever the next major street is, take a left and then another left onto Exposition. I then rode Exposition all the way to 45, crossed that and headed north to La Crosse and the Veloway. Ten miles total.

Today, I sped around the 3-mile-long Veloway three times, cutting the last trip around short to take the back route through Bowie High School to home. I can be home in less than 10 minutes that way.

Mount Everest on the Veloway

A view of the Veloway’s Mount Everest from the top: AFTER I successfully climbed it on my bike!

My big accomplishment today was to climb Mount Everest three times. While my picture on the right doesn’t look that steep from the top, it’s a tough climb. You have to make a 90 degree turn first, which means you have to slow down a bit before pushing your way up. I’ve figured out just how fast to go to make the turn and then up the hill.

The last time around I was going to stop at the bottom and photograph it, but at the last minute dropped into low gear and headed up the slope. It felt great! I now feel completely prepared for Saturday’s 26-mile ride.

There’s still time to contribute. Click HERE to go to my personal page and donate to Hill Country Ride for AIDS. I just have $250 to go to meet my fund raising goal. Please help!

© Suzanne Freeman 2012


About Suzanne Freeman

I have been back in Austin for two years now after a 20-year absence, first in Sacramento, California, then to New York City, where I spent the last 16 years. I miss The City and the friends I left in both places, but love, love, love being back in Austin with my family. Thanks, Steve for coming with me!
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